2017 starts with everything! 2017 starts with everything!
We begin this year celebrating the incorporation of CNC Manufacturing Technology, ISO 9001 Certification and Yaskawa-Motoman Robotics Representation


Tecnofidta 2016 - Argentina Tecnofidta 2016 - Argentina
Betting on the continued growth of our country, we again participated in the most important exhibition of Food Technology.


Fispal Tecnology 2016 - Brazil Fispal Tecnology 2016 - Brazil
In June of 2016 participate like expositores in Fispal Technology 2016, made in Saint Pablo, Brazil.


3rd Meeting for Dairy SMEs 2016 - Brazil 3rd Meeting for Dairy SMEs 2016 - Brazil
In April of 2016 participate of the 3º Meeting for Dairy SMEs in Bento Gonçalvez, Container 2016 Brazil


Recognitions 2015 Recognitions 2015
In December of 2015 receive two important award: the Prize Export, and the Santafesino Youngster Prize.


Andina-Pack 2015 - Colombia Andina-Pack 2015 - Colombia
To ends of 2015, in the month of November participate of Andean-Pack, the most important fair of the industry of the packaging of Sudamérica.


Recognitions 2015


Recognitions 2015

In December of 2015 receive two important award: the Prize Export, and the Santafesino Youngster Prize.



  On  past December 3, receive a recognition of the Foundation Export  under
  the concept of "Incorporation of Innovation and/or Aggregated  Value
  to the product to Export".
  The aim of the Prize Exportar is enaltecer the efforts and attainments in the
  international insertion of the companies; incentivando the growth, the
  generation of genuine employment, the opening, diversification and
  consolidation of markets, with an every time greater degree of differentiation,
  and looking for the consolidation of an exporting culture.
  We are very gratified by this quotation, and will continue working of the hand
  of the Foundation to strengthen our competitive level in the international plane.



On December 12, we participate of the last general meeting of FECECO (Federación de Centros Comerciales de Santa Fe), where celebrated his 35º Anniversary. In said evento, did delivery of the distinctions 2015 Santafesino Young Prize.

From the CAME (Cámara Argentina de la Mediana Empresa) rewards to lower employers of 40 years with big exert in his productive functions, commercial and/or of services.

In the zone was posited the Ing. Sebastián Benzi, owner and director of Desinmec, the one who finally obtained the prize of Quotation of Honour to the Regional Productive Development.


We appreciate to Export Foundation and to the CAME
by the distinctions received!



Unscrambler Feeder Sleeving Machine Cutter Doser Capper Sealer Coder Filler Packer Labelling Machine Cartoning Machine Packaging Lines Traceability System Conveyor End-of-the-Line Case Packer Special Automation Cooling Equipment Tunnels for several uses Others


Our ongoing plan

Our ongoing plan
We are launched an RSE plan which had very positive results on our personnel, our community and our company, cooperating with the preservation of the environment ...